Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I came to see Martina in January 2014 and weighed in at 26 stone  and 12 pounds. Over the course of five hypnosis sessions I was given suggestions for weight loss and we worked on the reasons why I may have been overeating. I was also shown techniques to eat mindfully which helped me to eat less and feel full more quickly. As of June 2015 I now weigh 17stone 101/5 pounds and the weight is still continuing to drop off. That makes a total weight loss of over 9 stone.
At age 66 and after a lifetime of so called miracle diets ‘ Finally !!!!! Something that can help change your life, by helping you change your lifestyle without realising it!!!!! No pressure No goals no costly equipment. Just calm professional help If I can do it ANYONE!!! Can (A.H)*

I visited Martina hoping to tackle my weight and food issues but I feel like I got so much more out of our sessions than just weight loss. I have lost weight but I’ve also changed my eating habits, cut back on my alcohol intake, reassessed my priorities in life, updated my image, got my confidence back, am sleeping better and I’ve even started dating again! I feel very positive about the future and I genuinely can’t recommend hypnotherapy enough. Thank you so much Martina. (H.C.)*

Thanks for our session last night and for your help in dealing with my long standing weight issues. I would be happy for you to quote my experience in your care.

It has been a revelation to me. You helped me realise that I was eating to try and fill a huge emotional hole created by the death of several close relatives. It has been like the flicking of a switch. I now have a totally different attitude to food. It used to be that I would be either eating everything in sight or eating next to nothing. Now I can eat when I am hungry and have actually on several occasions, forgotten to eat a meal. I still have the odd treat and don’t worry about it. I know I still have a long way to go, at least another couple of stones to lose, but I have lost the feelings of panic I used to have. I know the weight will come off and feel very calm and confident about that. I would urge anyone considering hypnotherapy to help them lose weight to go ahead. It has been a life-changing experience for me.
Thank you so much. I will keep you posted about my progress. (B.G.)*

Hi Martina,

I thought I would just write and let you know that I have lost just over 12kg (2 stone) since I first came to see you in March. It’s about 20 weeks I think.

Being forever the skeptic I wasn’t entirely sure it would work but I was so wrong. I now think about everything I put on my plate and buy in the shops. I can now avoid sugar and sweet things even when they are offered. However I don’t deprive myself of that biscuit or cake or even chocolate I’m just now conscious of what I’m eating.

I feel better than I have in a long time about myself and feel so much more positive and know that I will continue to loose those those lbs and inches and dress sizes (I’ve lost 2 so far)

I want to thank you for your help and guidance and would recommend you and your treatment to anyone who needs to make changes in their life. Thank you so much. (M.O)*

Dear Martina, Good Sunday afternoon. I hope all is well with you.

I promised to update you on my progress. All is going well with the golfball. Eating, but very much less. Have dropped lots of weight, not sure how much but every time I try something it is looser than it was the last time. I guess 1 to 1.5 stone spread out since when I first saw you. It is nice to get back into old clothes. I don’t need a new wardrobe, I just open the boxes with a small size of clothing. Best wishes and thanks for the help. (S.L.)*

The Hypno-Band has changed my life. Not just my weight but my emotions and confidence. It has woken me up. The whole plan has been extremely helpful. (R.R.)*

I have now lost approx 12lbs and the dress I wore to my sons wedding that would not meet by inches now fits. I tried it this morning because it was hanging at the front of the wardrobe. Thank you. (T.M.)*

I just wanted to thank Martina for helping me with my struggle in weight loss. She has given me a postive outlook on what I eat and in the way I eat it. I have completely chnaged my food intake and am now on the straight to losing weight. Without the help of Martina I would never have had the confidence in changing the way I think about food. My weight is coming off steadily which is a good thing, even with going on holiday too.

For anyone out there struggling with things in life then give Martina a call at the clinic and without a doubt you will feel motivated in whatever you want to achieve. Whether it is weight or smoking or anxiety they are there to help and guide you. Thank you once again. (W.L.)*

Martina I don’t think I could have done this without your, thank you for helping me. I feel wonderful and proud of what I have achieved. (N.K.)*

The Hypno-Band program is a great compliment to anyone who is serious about losing weight. It’s not a miracle cure but it does give you the best foundations to commit to a lifelong change. Martina is very friendly and professional and puts you at ease from the start. I would definately recommend her program as an alternative to surgery. (L.S.)*

I loved the work we did on my mind before the band was fitted as it helped me understand why I was overeating. I now recognise when I am full and it has strengthened my mindset to make healthy choices. (H.E.)*

Since I saw you on the 25th June, I have kept my sugar intake under control. Although I have eaten a small number of sugary foods (a couple of ice creams and a couple of small desserts) I do feel much more in control of the situation. I have still not eaten chocolate, despite there being several tests of my willpower (mainly by other people!).

I also feel I have now moved to a place where I an choose to have a small treat occasionally, but that it will not be a slippery slope back to where I was before. Many thanks for your help with this issue. (M.E.)*


*Please note these written testimonials from former clients do not show typical results. As with any therapy the actual results will vary from person to person.